Can freelancers also become certified?

Absolutely! Becoming a Certified FleurologyDesigner, is a wonderful way to open bigger doors for you within the industry. Not only will potential companies know you have the skills that it takes to make magic happen, but it also helps you command more pay.

How is judging performed?

Each category in the submission process will be reviewed and scored by our distinguished panel of judges. You will see your scores and notes in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses. There will be a minimum score in each category, you must pass all categories to achieve certification in the corresponding level.

How do I maintain my membership with Fleurology?

Members are required to pay their annual dues as well as submit proof of continued education of attending or participating in at least 3 educational or training courses or workshops in fields pertaining to the growth of your business as a designer and business owner. Categories include, floral design, event design, planning, business, social media, fine art, painting, calligraphy, and photography. If you question whether or not your continued education class or workshop is submissible, please do not hesitate to reach out us ahead of time to run it past us.

Where does the Certification program take Place?

The program to become  a Skilled Fleurology Designer SFD is done completely virtually through comprehensive portfolio submissions in the various categories.  To become a Master Fleurology Designer MFD hands on practicums will be held quarterly at our Fleurology Studio in Oceanside, California. As we grow, we will hold our practicums at various locations across the country. We will also host practicum testing at the symposium locations 3 days prior to the event.

How long to I have to complete the curriculum?

Applicants have 12 months from the application approval date to complete the requirements for each phase.

How much does it cost to become certified?

The initial application form is free, once you decide to apply for each level of certification, there will be the corresponding fee for that level as well as annual dues to maintain your membership.

Fees and Dues:

Application Fee Phase 1: $600.00

Application Fee Phase 2: $800.00

Annual Dues: $400.00

Members get 15% off all workshops and symposiums during that year.

How do I apply for the Certification Program?

Fill out the application form and a member of our team will be designated as your point of contact, and will provide you with the curriculum.