I am a freelancer

Are you a floral designer who loves to collaborate and work with talented designers both near and far? Or are you an event professional who loves to work alongside skilled planners and event designers creating magical events? Or could you possibly be both? Fleurology Freelancers was created so that event professionals from all over the world could curate the “dream team” for their events. Our online directory of freelancers is the perfect place to showcase your talents, skills, and expectations. For just $9.99 per month you can become part of our freelancer directory. At this time we offer three categories:

  • Floral Design: this category is reserved for experienced floral designers.
    Once you have filled out our extensive questionnaire, event professionals
    spanning the globe can see your work and parameters in which you work.
  • Event Support: This category is reserved for the unsung heroes of the event world. For example, the setup and teardown crew, people who assist in the execution of the events, and those that do what it takes to get the job done!
  • Coordination Support: This category is reserved for coordination and planning support. Many planners and coordinators travel the globe and need local assistance in executing the timeline, running rehearsals, or even possibly greeting guests. If you are an aspiring planner or a seasoned one, we would love for you to join our collective.

Freelancer FAQ:

Can I be reviewed?

Yes! After a job is complete, you are encouraged to have the event professional who hired you to review the experience working with you. The better your rating is, the more visible you will be within the directory.

How can we find the jobs?

Event scouts can either peruse our directory of members and contact you directly, or they can post a job on our Job Board page (of which you can directly respond to).

How do I create my profile?

Profile management is easy! Our extensive questionnaire was created to list out the parameters and expectations under which our freelancers are comfortable with. You are free to post a portfolio of your work so that the event scouts can see your skill level.

Can I sign up for multiple categories?

Yes, you are free to sign up for all three categories if qualified to do so. We even offer discounts for the multiple listings.

One category: $9.99/month
Two categories: $14.99/month
Three categories: $19.99/month

How does membership work?

Fleurology Freelancer membership is only available to our freelancers. Event professionals, once registered with Fleurology, are free to contact our freelancers through our member directory at no cost to them.