The Fleurology Network

The Fleurology network is comprised of both our Master Designer and Skilled Designers that have complete the appropriate steps of our Certification Program. Our program is comprehensive in floral design ability, business practices, as well as customer service skills to the luxury client.

We pay careful attention in our referral process to make sure that the right designer or firm is paired with the right client. When hiring a fleurologist you can rest assured that your chosen designer has the support of our entire Fleurology community to create successful events every time. We support our designers with all the resources that they need to create and execute the vision for the client. Whether the designer is on the quest for products, event support, or even design space, we are there to help them acquire exactly what they are in need of.

A member of our fleurology team will review your request and may contact you for further information in order to properly choose the right floral or event designer for you. We look forward to hearing more about your event.

Fleurologist Directory